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    劍橋雅思11test3part2口語話題:Describe a day when you thought the weather was perfect. You should say: where you were on this dayw...

    The examiner asks you about him/herself,his/her home,work or studies and other familiar topics.

    Describe a day when you thought the weather was perfect. 
    You should say: 
    where you were on this day
    what the weather was like on this day
    what you did during the day
    and explain why you thought the weather was perfect on this day.


    Talking about a day with good weather, normally, people would like to choose a day with wonderful sunshine. Nonetheless, the day I want to introduce is not sunny at all, and it was the day I spent last year hiking in a mountain with my friends.
    That morning, we decided to hike for 4 or 5 hours to arrive at the top of the mountain where many breathtaking views were waiting for us. We took much drinking water with us in case the sunshine was so strong that we could be dehydrated. Four or five hours hiking in a hot summer was a tough task for us who were quite familiar with spending our time in offices with air conditioners. Luckily, you will never guess, it was windy in that morning. The breeze gently touched our face and hair and cooled us down while we were hiking. We even did not sweat much.
    When we were reaching the peak of the mountain, the weather turned rainy. There was a crater lake, which many tourists badly want to see on rainy days. The reason is that only when it is rainy, can the most beauteous views be seen there. The water of the lake was still, and the surface of the lake was covered by haze. It looked like the Chinese ink and wash painting. We could not be luckier as we saw the view in person.
    We spent more time than what we planned on the top, so when we went down the mountain, it was already dark. At that time, with all dark clouds disappearing, the weather changed again, and the sky was so clear. We could not help raising our heads to see the firmament with countless stars. What I saw at that night was what I would never forget.

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