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    Events during Kenton Festival

    [02:44.88]man:Good morning, Kenton Festival box office.
    [02:47.84] How can I help you?
    [02:48.99]woman:Oh, good morning. I'm coming to Kenton for a few days' holiday next month, and a friend told me there's a festival.
    [02:57.92] She gave me this number to find out about it. 
    [03:00.79]man:That's right, the festival begins on the 16th of May and goes on till the 19th.
    [03:07.79]woman:Oh, that's great.
    [03:09.39] I'll be there from the 15th till the 19th.
    [03:12.89] So could you tell me the programme, please?
    [03:16.55]man:Well, on the first day, there's the opening ceremony, in the town centre.
    [03:21.77] People start gathering around 2 o'clock, to get a good place to see from, and the events will start at 2.45, and finish about 5.30.
    [03:34.88]woman:OK, thanks. I'll make sure I get there early to get a good spot.
    [03:39.69]man:The festival will be officially opened by the mayor.
    [03:43.87] He'll just speak for a few minutes, welcoming everyone to the festival.
    [03:49.20] All the town councillors will be there, and of course lots of other people.
    [03:55.94]man:Then there'll be a performance by a band.
    [03:59.62] Most years we have a children's choir, but this year the local army cadets offered to perform, and they're very good. 
    [04:09.31]man: After that, a community group from the town will perform a play they've written themselves, just a short one.
    [04:17.46]It's about Helen Tungate.
    [04:20.10]I don't know if you've heard of her?
    [04:22.32]woman:I certainly have.
    [04:24.31] She was a scientist years ago.
    [04:26.71]man:That's right. She was born in Kenton exactly 100 years ago, so we're celebrating her centenary.
    [04:34.97]woman:I'm a biologist, so I've always been interested in her.
    [04:38.88] I didn't realise she came from Kenton.
    [04:41.60]man:Yes. Well, all that will take place in the afternoon, and later, as the sun sets, there'll be a firework display.
    [04:51.16] You should go to the park to watch, as you'll get the best view from there, and the display takes place on the opposite side of the river.
    [05:00.93] It's always one of the most popular events in the festival. 
    [05:04.48]woman:Sounds great.
    [05:47.72]woman:And what's happening on the other days?
    [05:50.54]man:There are several events that go on the whole time.
    [05:54.40] For example, the students of the art college have produced a number of videos, all connected with relationships between children and their grandparents.
    [06:05.69]woman:That sounds interesting.
    [06:07.57] It makes a change from children and parents, doesn't it!
    [06:11.28]man: Exactly. Because the art college is in use for classes, throughout the festival, the videos are being shown in Handsworth House.
    [06:22.04]woman:How do you spell the name?
    [06:24.00]man:H-A-N-D-S-W-O-R-T-H, Handsworth House.
    [06:33.82] It's close to the Town Hall.
    [06:37.17]man:Now let me see, what else can I tell you about?
    [06:41.40]woman:Are there any displays of ballet dancing?
    [06:44.64]I'm particularly interested in that as I do it as a hobby.
    [06:48.45]man:There isn't any ballet, I'm afraid, but there'll be a demonstration of traditional dances from all round the country.
    [06:56.86]woman:Oh, that'd be nice.
    [06:58.46]Where's that being held?
    [07:00.05]man:It's in the market in the town centre - the outdoor one, not the covered market.
    [07:06.42]And it's on at 2 and 5 every afternoon of the festival, apart from the first day. 
    [07:13.95]woman:Lovely. I'm interested in all kinds of dancing, so I'm sure I'll enjoy that!
    [07:19.90]man:Mmm. I'm sure you will.
    [07:21.52]woman:And I'd really like to go to some concerts, if there are any.
    [07:25.75]man:Yes, there are several.
    [07:28.00]Three performed by professionals, and one by local children.
    [07:32.91]woman:And where is it being held?
    [07:35.13]man:It's in the library, which is in Park Street, on the 18th, at 6.30 in the evening.
    [07:43.28]woman:I presume I'll need tickets for that.
    [07:45.69]man:Yes, you can book online, or you can buy them when you arrive in Kenton, either at the festival box office, or from any shops displaying our logo in the windows. 
    [07:59.22]woman:Well, I think that'll keep me busy for the whole of my stay in Kenton.
    [08:04.70] Thank you so much for all your help.
    [08:07.58]man:You're welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay.
    [08:11.02]woman:Thank you. Goodbye.

    Question 1-10

    Complete the notes below.

    Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

    Events during Kenton Festival


    Start date: 16th  May

    Opening ceremony (first day)

    ?    In town centre, starting at 

         The mayor will make a speech
         A  will perform

         Performance of a  about Helen Tungate (a )

         Evening fireworks display situated across the 

    Other events 

    ?    Videos about relationships that children have with their 

          venue: House

    ?    Performance of dances

         venue: the market in the town centre

         Time: 2 and 5 pm every day except 1st day of festival

    ?   Several professional concerts and one by children

         Venue: library

         Time: 6:30 pm on the 18th

         Tickets available online from festival box office and from shops which have the festival  in their windows

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