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    [02:48.83]TC employee:Hi. Can I help you?
    [02:50.81]VISITOR:I'd like to find out if you have any excursions suitable for families? 
    [02:55.99]TC employee:Sure. How about taking your family for a cruise?
    [02:59.57]We have a steamship that takes passengers out several times a day - it's over 100 year's old.
    [03:04.82]VISITOR:That sounds interesting.
    [03:06.25]How long is the trip?
    [03:07.92]TC employee:About an hour and a half.
    [03:09.75]And don't forget to take pictures of the mountains.
    [03:12.16]They're all around you when you are on the boat and they look fantastic.
    [03:15.55]VISITOR:Ok. And I assume there's a café or something on board?
    [03:19.78]TC employee:Sure. How old are your children?
    [03:21.93]VISITOR:Er, my daughter's 15 and my son's 7.
    [03:25.58]TC employee:Right. Well there are various things you can do once you've crossed the lake, to make a day of it.
    [03:30.99] One thing that's very popular is a visit to the Country Farm.
    [03:34.86] You're met off the boat by the farmer and he'll take you to the holding pens, where the sheep are kept.
    [03:40.45] Children love feeding them!
    [03:42.07]VISITOR:My son would love that.
    [03:43.56] He really likes animals.
    [03:45.59]TC employee:Well, there's also a 40-munite trek round the farm on the horse, if he wants.
    [03:50.09]VISITOR:Do you think he'd manage it?
    [03:52.52]He hasn't done that before.
    [03:54.40]TC employee:Sure. It's suitable for complete beginners.
    [03:57.22]VISITOR:Ah, good.
    [03:57.95]TC employee:And again, visitors are welcome to explore the farm on their own, as long as they take care to close gates and so on.
    [04:04.90] There are some very beautiful gardens along the side of the lake which also belong to the farm - they'll be just at their best now.
    [04:12.29] You could easily spend an hour or two there.
    [04:14.69]VISITOR:Ok. Well that all sounds good.
    [04:17.62]And can we get lunch there?
    [04:19.87]TC employee:You can, and it's very good, though it's not included in the basic cost.
    [04:24.41] You pay when you get there.
    [05:13.55]VISITOR:So is there anything else to do over that side of the lake?
    [05:17.31]TC employee:Well, what you can do is take a bike over on the ship and then go on cycling trip.
    [05:22.38] There's a trail there called the Back Road - you could easily spend three or four hours exploring it, and the scenery's wonderful.
    [05:30.68] They'll give you a map when you get your ticket for the cruise - there's no extra charge.
    [05:35.86]VISITOR:What's the trail like in terms of difficulty?
    [05:39.25]TC employee:Quite challenging in places.
    [05:41.39] It wouldn't be suitable for your seven-year-old.
    [05:43.80] It needs someone who's got a bit more experience.
    [05:46.72]VISITOR:Hmm. Well, my daughter loves cycling and so do I, so maybe the two of us could go, and my wife and son could stay on the farm.
    [05:56.91] That might work out quite well.
    [05:59.37] But we don't have bikes here…is there somewhere we could rent them?
    [06:05.38]TC employee:Yes, there's a place here in the city.
    [06:08.46] It's called Ratchesons.
    [06:10.44]VISITOR:I'll just make a note of that, er, how do you spell it?
    [06:13.89]TC employee:R-A-T-C-H-E-S-O-N-S.
    [06:21.10] It's just by the cruise ship terminal.
    [06:24.71]TC employee:You'd also need to pick up a repair kit for the bike from there to take along with you, and you'd need to take along a snack and some water - it'd be best to get those in the city.
    [06:35.05]VISITOR:Fine. That shouldn't be a problem.
    [06:37.45]And I assume I can rent a helmet from the bike place?
    [06:41.16]TC employee:Sure, you should definitely get that.
    [06:43.46] It's a great ride, but you want to be well prepared because it's very remote-you won't see any shops round there, or anywhere to stay, so you need to get back in time for the last boat.
    [06:54.12]VISITOR:Yeah. So what sort of prices are we looking at here?
    [06:57.96]TC employee:Let's see, that'd be one adult and one child for cruise with farm tour, that's $117, and an adult and a child for the cruise only so that's $214 dollars altogether.
    [07:13.42]Oh, wait a minute, how old did you say your daughter was?
    [07:18.13]TC employee:Then I'm afraid it's $267 because she has to pay the adult fare, which is $75 instead of the child fare which is $22 - sorry about that.
    [07:29.93]VISITOR:That's Ok. Er, so how do…

    Question 1-10

    Complete the notes below.

    Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


    Cruise on a lake


    ?   Travel on an old  steamship

    ?   Can take photos of the  that surround the lake

    Farm visit

    ?   Children can help feed the sheep

    ?   Visit can include a 40-minute ride on a  

    ?   Visitors can walk in the farm's  by the lake

    ?  is available at extra cost

    Cycling trips

    ?   Cyclists explore the Back Road

    ?   A  is provided

    ?   Only suitable for cyclists who have some 

         - Bikes can be hired from(near the Cruise Ship Terminal)

    ?   Cyclists needs:

          - a repair kit

          - a food and drink

          - a 

    ?  There are no  or accommodation in the area


    ?   Total coat for whole family of cruise and farm visit: $ 

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