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    Cycle tour leader: Applicant enquiry

    [02:40.21]####_1_BOB:Hello, Pembroke Cycling Holidays, Bob speaking.
    [02:44.02]MARGARET:Oh hello. I've seen your advert for people to lead cycle trips.
    [02:49.61] Are you the right person to speak to?
    [02:51.96]BOB:Yes, I am, Could I have your name, please?
    [02:54.63]MARGARET:It's Margaret Smith.
    [02:56.61]BOB:Are you looking for a permanent job, Margaret?
    [02:59.07]MARGARET:No, temporary. I've got a permanent job starting in a few months' time, and I want to do something else until then.
    [03:06.85]BOB:What work do you do?
    [03:08.16]MARGARET:This will probably sound crazy — I used to be a lawyer, and then I made complete career change,
    [03:15.00] and I'm going to be a doctor. I've just finished my training.
    [03:18.58]BOB:Right. And have you had any experience of leading cycle trips?
    [03:23.23]MARGARET:Yes, I've led several bike tours in Africa.
    [03:26.79] The trip to India that I had arranged to lead next month has now been cancelled, so when I saw you were advertising for tour leaders, I decided to apply.
    [03:37.18]BOB:OK. Now we normally have two or three leaders on a trip, depending on the size of the group.
    [03:43.50] Some tours are for very experienced cyclists, but we've got a tour coming up soon in Spain, which is proving so popular we need an additional leader.
    [03:53.59] It's a cycling holiday for families. Would that suit you?
    [03:56.98]MARGARET:It certainly would. I enjoy working with children, and I probably need some more experience before I go on a really challenging trip.
    [04:05.92]BOB:That tour includes several teenagers: have you worked with that age group before?
    [04:10.51]MARGARET:Yes, I'm a volunteer worker in a youth club, where I help people to improve their cycling skills.
    [04:17.46]MARGARET:Before that I helped out in a cycling club where I taught beginners.
    [04:21.64]BOB:Well that's great. Now the trip I mentioned is just for a fortnight, but there might be the possibility of leading other tours after that.
    [04:30.63] Would that fit in with your plans?
    [04:32.35]MARGARET:That'd be fine. I'll be free for five months.
    [04:36.11] My job is due to start on October the 2nd. and I'm available from May the 1st until late September.
    [04:43.95]BOB:Good. Now is there anything I need to know about the food you eat?
    [04:48.60] We usually have one or two people in the group who don't eat meat, or have some sort of food allergy, so we're always very careful about that.
    [04:56.59]MARGARET:Yes, I'm allergic to cheese. Would that be a problem?
    [05:00.88]BOB:No, as long as we have enough notice, we can deal with that.
    [05:04.54]MARGARET:That's great.
    [05:41.55]MARGARET:It sounds really interesting — would you like me to fill in an application form?
    [05:47.14]BOB:Yes, please. Where should I post it to?
    [05:50.07]MARGARET:Could you send it to 27 Arbuthnot Place — A-R-B-U-T-H-N-O-T — Place. Dumfries. 
    [06:02.66]BOB:And what's the postcode, please?
    [06:08.61]BOB:Was that P Papa or B Bravo?
    [06:11.91]MARGARET:p papa.
    [06:12.90]BOB:Got that. If you could return the application form by Friday this week, we can interview you on Tuesday next week.
    [06:21.05] Say half past two. Would that be possible for you?
    [06:24.71]MARGARET:Yes, it's fine. You're quite a long way from where I live, so I'll drive over on Monday.
    [06:30.45]Should I bring anything to the interview?
    [06:32.70]BOB:We'll have your application form, of course, but we'll need to see any certificates you've got that are relevant, in cycling, first aid, or whatever.
    [06:42.05]BOB:And at the interview we'd like to find out about your experience of being a tour guide.
    [06:47.85] So could you prepare a ten-minute talk about that please?
    [06:51.77]You don't need slides or any complicated equipment — just some notes.
    [06:56.58]MARGARET:Right. I'll start thinking about that straightaway!
    [07:00.02]BOB:Good. Well, we'll look forward to receiving your application form, and we'll contact you to confirm the interview.
    [07:06.61]MARGARET:Thanks very much.
    [07:07.55]BOB:Thank you, Margaret. Goodbye.

    Question 1-10

    Complete the notes below.
    Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

    About the applicant:

    ? wants a  job

    • will soon start work as a           .
    • has led cycle trips in            
    • interested in being a leader of a cycling trip for families
    • is currently doing voluntary work with members of a   club
    • available for five months from the 1st of 
    • can’t eat 

    Contact details:

    • address: 27  Place, Dumfries
    • postcode: 


    • interview at 2.30 pm on 
    • will plan a short  about being a tour guide
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